Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hondsbossche Zeewering: View from atop the dyke

This must be one of the most amazing and (literally) hair-raising experiences I have had in the Netherlands. We parked in the shadow of this huge dyke and I wasn't planning to venture up or across. But my brother-in-law insisted and urged me and accompanied me... and it was unforgettable! I have once before been so swept off my feet by wind and water. That was at Cabo de Roca in Portugal and it must say something about the ferocity of the winds rising off the North Sea that I had no time for any philosophical thoughts in this instance.

I did wonder how best to capture the view, the wind, the noise... really, the spectacle... with a mere camera. The grandest phenomena are really best left to poetry and abstract art.

This is as high as the dyke is. We did not take the stairs up. We climbed up the grassy side!

The view of the North Sea from the top
The wind carries sand, foam and godknowswhatelse up to erode the land.
The embankment of the dyke stands between this ferocious wind and water, and agricultural communities on the other side.


These communities would not be possible
without the dyke system.

This is what forms the wall of the dyke--
carefully designed boulders.

Hondsbossche Zeewering.. wind on water

Wind on water.

Outside Petten


In contrast to the serenity of the scene in the photo above, I want to point out that the photo is blurred not because of my skills but because the wind really was so fierce that it was blowing my camera around!

Bergen aan Zee.... and wind!



Road. Canopy. Sky. Trees.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

North Holland farm

This time, I found myself taking photographs of farmland, complete with horses and cattle at work or grazing. Perhaps it was the season; the open land waiting for its next crop, inviting photography.


More from the Hague


Touch the low Netherlands sky, grab a little gold dust!

Late autumn afternoon sky on the road to the Hague.

A day in Den Haag

A visit to the Escher Museum was followed by a lovely lunch and walk around the Hague, which is becoming one of my favourite places--it's so pretty and so manageable!