Monday, April 30, 2007

Amsterdam Afternoon VIII

We made our way, crisscrossing canals, towards Rechtboomssloot.
Only in Amsterdam... or maybe Venice, could you see this view:
Continuing towards our destination we passed this little staircase garden.
I keep photographing lilacs thinking somewhere in the irrational depths of my heart that the image will reproduce their subtle fragrance, first encountered on Michigan's Mackinac Island.
We stopped to admire this old house. And then we were at Rechtboomssloot: yet another picture-perfect street.

Amsterdam Afternoon VII

In a city full of pretty canal streets and quaint, lovely buildings, Groenburgwal with the Amstel at one end and the Zuiderkerk at the other must be a singular showpiece.

Amsterdam Afternoon VI

Just around the corner, an Amsterdam confection of canals, bridges and beautiful houses awaits my camera.

The same intersection of Staalstraat and Groenburgwal is depicted in this picture. It doesn't seem to have changed all that much.

Amsterdam Afternoon V

The University of Amsterdam forms a beautiful locality in the city. One walks by canals and cafes marveling at the setting in which students attend classes and scholars conduct research. Not quite Clingendael, but a great deal livelier, especially on this sunny Saturday.

Amsterdam Afternoon IV

We cross the Keizersgracht and its stately buildings and make our way
to Rembrandtplein.

Amsterdam Afternoon III

Utrechtsestraat has lovely stores, many of which are unique to Amsterdam (as opposed to chain stores which are to be found everywhere). It is also just very pretty.

Amsterdam Afternoon II

view from the Magere Brug of the Stopera and Blauwbrug

Turning the corner at the Stopera complex which houses the National Opera, Ballet and Symphony, we walked by the Amstel awhile. The following photographs are of the small bridge across the Herengracht just coming off the Blauwbrug (Blue Bridge), which is in front of the Stopera.

We made our way to Utrechtsestraat to look at the shops there, taking in life along the canals on a summery afternoon.

Amsterdam Afternoon I

Starting from the Waterlooplein area, we spent an afternoon walking around parts of Oude Zijde and the Eastern Canal Ring.