Monday, July 30, 2012

A walk in the Leiden woods, 5

Light, woods, water, action!

A walk in the Leiden woods, 4

The woods and water,
and reflections of the woods in water...

A walk in the Leiden woods, 3

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
and that has  made all the difference." - Robert Frost

The hollow of the enchanted Faraway Tree?

A walk in the Leiden woods, 2

A walk in the Leiden woods, 1

Tree photography began even before we entered the woods.

And I missed this one before

Bicycles, all in a row. I don't think I've ever taken this photo in all the years of blogging from Leiden.

Summer blossoms from here and there

No tulips, but all sorts of other flowers--hydrangea, roses, daisies, lilies, larkspurs... I have been stopping to steal a snapshot here and there. Beauty is surely for all of us to enjoy.

Leidsehout, Leiden's own woods

How many cities have a university and a forest within their bounds? Leiden must be one of the few. Eager to see what summer is like, we set out for a long walk around Leiden Woods (Leidse Hout or Leidsehout), and in our jet-lagged state, it was really like we'd stepped into The Secret Garden or other such world.

We visited the woods in 2007 but for some reason, I came without my camera and as a result, there are no photos. That visit was remarkable above all because we spotted, not one or two but three huge peacocks all the way over in Holland. This time, on the way, we saw lotuses!

Same visitors, new season

For the first time, we are visiting Leiden during the summer. And how different it is! It's actually warm, even for visitors from the motherlode of perspiration. The contrast with our November visit is particularly stark.

Our hosts said: No flowers, not many, in this season. But what I am seeing is a profusion. Flowers here, there and everywhere, growing where cultivated and growing where you'd least expect.

And the clouds. Really, are they light brushstrokes in the sky? Or are they cotton blossoms? The clouds are so beautiful, hanging low like fruit, floating around like petals!

With this visit, we've had a sampling of the Dutch seasons, having come here in the spring, late fall/winter and summer.